High School
Wednesday Evenings 6:30 - 8:30
Grades 9 - 12

Our high school program is NOT a youth group. Our Thursday night group is a discipleship program for young men and women who are interested in gaining a deeper understanding of God, the Bible, and the Christian faith. Our goal is not to entertain or amuse, but to help these young men and women become real followers of Christ and live their lives accordingly. We believe that the people in this age group are capable of understanding what real, absolute truth is, and that they can make good life choices based on that understanding. Too often, it is assumed that young men and women are not up to that challenge and that the Word of God must be cloaked in fun and games or a flashy, feel-good delivery. This is detrimental to the spiritual growth of these young people.

We do not patronize our young men and women by attempting to compete with the secular entertainment industry or by using marketing ploys and gimmicks to hold their attention when teaching them spiritual truths. We believe that the power of the Word of God and the ability of the Holy Spirit are all that is needed. We teach our students how to study and understand the Word of God, how to stay strong as a Christian in the post-modern era that we live in, and how to reach others who have been trained in total, unquestioning tolerance and don’t believe that absolute truth exists.

We have an experienced staff that is committed to helping each of our young men and women understand God’s will for them as they move into the challenges and responsibilities of adulthood. All of these things also provide our members with a like-minded, close-knit, peer group that encourages one another to grow in Christ and holds each other accountable when they stumble, while helping them get back on track.

For more information about ALC’s High School Ministry, please email
Toni Hart or Chris Hart.